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Friends of Phil

Friends of Phil

The bellow listed services are those that we ourselves deal with on a regular basis. We feel that they are the best and brightest at what they do. They provide top quality service every time we call them; they are prompt, honest, experienced professionals that care about the quality results of the job and the happiness of the clients.

 We offer them to you as a possible source for your own needs, should you require such. They do not pay for their listings, nor do we receive discounts for their services in exchange for their listing, they are listed here because of their own merit and the quality of services that they provide. Their approach and scruples pertaining to the services offered is the same as our own. We offer all of their services with trust in knowing that you will be taken care of in the best way possible.
- Phil


Norman Blue

Conceptual in Home Artist

Norm is a wonderfuly talented artist who can reproduce any picture or painting on any flat wall or surface in your home. He is a valued member of the team and can make your home truly unique. We offer his services with great pride.

Tastefully Yours Interiors

Lori Harding
Custom Wood Graining

Serving the Kingston, Quinte and Northumberland areas.
We can match any wood grain or faux pattern on any smooth surface. We can match any adjacent surface, exterior or interior, even boats and antique automobiles!
We only use environmentally friendly products, no VOC’s allowed.
By appointment only.



OíNeilís Automotive Service & Pre-owned Vehicles
Chris OíNeil
182 Main St Odessa, ON
(613) 386-7707

We have a fully licensed mechanic on duty, very reasonable rates.
We service and sell all vehicle makes and models
Like classic cars? We have them too!

All repairs to vehicles and vehicles sold are under warranty
Extended warranties are available on all pre-owned vehicles.
Come on in and see what we can do for you.
Come as guests leave as friends Ask for Chris

WL Electrical Services
EST 1969
Werner Polsack
ESA 7007102
We light up your life!
Serving the Kingston, Nappanee, and Belleville areas with pride.>


Ken Wilson
Licensed Plumber
Heating and Air Conditioning
Pressure Systems and Pumps
(C) 613-329-7736
(F) 613-382-2779

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