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Selling Your House?

Our area and many others will have many plain, mediocre, uneventful, looking houses for sale with homeowners thinking that they will get top market value for them. The real-estate agents will come around and get to listen to how their houses are worth so much more than they really are, because thatís what the hopeful homeowner thinks. In reality the agent will know that really isnít the case,many will nod and smile and say something like ďWE CAN TRY IT AT THAT PRICEĒ, knowing that itís not very likely to happen unless the market skyrockets over night or a desperate buyer comes along.They might reminisce about that one house that sold under those circumstances, but they know inside that in the three months that the home owner has signed on with them, they can get those hopeful folks to lower their house price to what it really should be, after the frustration has had its time to run its course.

Make sure youíre not one of these people and your home isnít one of these houses.

The GOOD AGENTS will be honest and tell the homeowner right awaythe work they have ahead of them before selling. The good ones will also tell you what your house is really worth rather than high ending it to get you to sign. They are out there, we know a few.

When people think about selling their homes, they see a house that they have been in for quite a while, they have become accustomed to the deficiencies around the house, the honey-do lists that got bigger and bigger and somehow slipped by the wayside. These things will stand out like a sore thumb to any possible buyers. Your house needs to show very well to any interested buyers and your price has to be in line with the condition of the home, no exceptions! Just because the guy down the street sold a house for more than he should have doesnít mean you will, lotteries are just that, the odds are not in your favour.

A reasonable investment into your home before the time of selling will get you serious returns at sale time, usually a ratio of 3 to 1.What this means is that for every 1 dollar that is spent, people generally get 3 back. 1dollar covers the costs and 2 back for the investment spent. Taking the sale of a home seriously is paramount to making the experience a successful one. Those who do will come away with enough capital to make the next one an affordable venture; if they are downsizing, they may have enough left over for a secure bank account. Those who donít will have more stress and more problems. Passing the problems on to the next buyer, means a serious drop in price and long wait times between potential buyers.

If a home is going up for sale, it needs to be worked on a good two months prior to the selling period.Delaying much needed repairs will only cost more money and stress in the long run. People should look at the colour schemes, the state of the ceiling, walls and trim just for starters.

  1. Are the counters worn out? What do the kitchen cabinets look like?
  2. Is the electrical system up to date? How does the plumbing function?
  3. What do the floors look like? What does the yard look like?
  4. Are there foundation issues?
  5. Does the deck need wood replacement or staining?
  6. What shape are the windows and doors in?

Every time a seller says to themselves ďthe next buyer can take care of thatĒ, they just lost thousands on the asking price.A fixer-upper sells like a fixer-upper. A showcase sells like a showcase. Trading off deficient areas means cash out the window.

If you plan to put your home up for sale and be successful, you must consider the necessary updates now. We know what sells a house; we know what doesnít,because itís our business to know.

P.S. Beige should never be a colour option!

Click the video link to check out some homes we have worked on. Make sure the sound and resolution is up, these are high definition videos with soundtracks.

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